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    Brockton's Promise forCaring Adults

    All children and youth need and deserve support and guidance from caring adults in their families, schools and communities. These include ongoing, secure relationships with guardians, parents and other family members, as well as positive relationships with teachers, mentors, coaches and neighbors.

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    Brockton's Promise forSafe Places

    All children and youth need and deserve to be physically and emotionally safe wherever they are — in homes, schools, neighborhoods and communities as well as online. They need safe places that offer constructive use of time.

  • Brockton's Promise forHealthy Start

    All children and youth need and deserve healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthful habits. These result from regular health care and needed treatment, good nutrition and exercise, health education and healthy role models.

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    Brockton's Promise forEffective Education

    All children and youth need and deserve the intellectual development, motivation and marketable skills that equip them for successful work and lifelong learning. These result from having quality learning environments, challenging expectations and consistent guidance and mentoring.

  • youth doing service

    Brockton's Promise forOpportunities To Serve

    All children and youth need and deserve the chance to make a difference through having models of caring behavior, awareness of the needs of others, a sense of personal responsibility to contribute to the larger society, and opportunities for volunteering, leadership and service.

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