About Us

What is Brockton’s Promise?

Modeled after the national initiative, America’s Promise Alliance, Brockton’s Promise is a coalition for youth development that aims to improve local conditions for youth in Brockton, MA in the areas of: Safe Places, Effective Education, Healthy Start, Caring Adults and Opportunities to Serve. When fulfilled, these promises serve as protective factors and help support the healthy development of youth and provide access to upward mobility and opportunity.

Each promise area has a corresponding Promise Team, comprised of a dedicated team of professionals and organizations throughout Brockton who have made a commitment to working together to create brighter and healthier futures for Brockton’s youth. The Promise Teams work to provide networking and capacity building opportunities to benefit all of its members. This includes regular information sharing, training, strategic resource allocations, research on best-practices, volunteer recruitment and community-wide collaborations.

Brockton is a city with a plethora of social services available to its residents. While there are hundreds of non-profit programs doing incredible work, there are few means for professionals and leaders to gather together to collaborate, identify and discuss city-wide data and trends, and engage in best-practices.

Brockton’s Promise is unlike any other non-profit in the city because it does not provide direct services or programming. Rather it supports the existing service providers to increase their capacity to serve Brockton youth.