In 1999, the Brockton Blueprint Coalition began looking at different frameworks for addressing youth issues. The Blueprint Coalition consisted of area directors of the State Health and Human Service agencies, as well as representatives from local and county government. After reviewing a number of models, they chose America’s Promise for its strong research, but simple language. The Five Promises are easy to understand and at the time created the common language Brockton needed to talk about youth issues.

Brockton’s Promise kicked off in the Winter of 2003 with over 150 community members attending an event at the Shaw’s Conference Center. It was at this meeting that Brockton formed the Five Promise Teams. Each team was charged with helping to fulfill their promise for Brockton youth. Three years later, the entire management structure was reorganized to help strengthen leadership and communication. Today, BP engages over 50 professionals from over 40 different agencies, schools, and organizations in the city through its five Promise Teams.

Cultivating the Next Generation of Promise Thinkers:

Brockton’s Promise is dedicated to improving the lives of Brockton youth through the Five Promises. Giving leadership opportunities to youth empowers them and fosters the development of a passion for service at a young age. Far too often, youth are marginalized in their communities.  Brockton’s Promise recognizes the important contributions that youth make when given the opportunity. Through involvement in their community, youth gain the knowledge and experience to mature into civically engaged adults.

Furthermore, studies show that youth who are engaged with their community are less likely to commit crimes or acts of vandalism as they gain a heightened sense of pride in where they live. Not only do we want youth to be involved, but we want to provide them with the vehicles through which their voice can be heard. Through participation in activities such as the Brockton Mayor’s Youth Summit, Brockton After Dark, the Mayor’s Youth Council, and Community Garden work youth engage in meaningful learning activities and have opportunities to discuss issues that affect them.